~Morning Musing~ (Shabby fufu, if you going to use my titles for your post, please, at LEAST give me credit. thanks)

 Dear Janet... (from Shabby Fuu) If you are going to use more titles of my writing for your decorators blog, please give me credit. Perhaps link my blog? I know you can see me when I visit you, and currently you are one of some which comes here. It does not matter if you are signed on to your account or not, as I can still see everyone which comes here.  Thank you for your understanding. A morning musing is a study of not only the morning and what it holds, but serene times of being by oneself. To be by oneself can be an encouraging time, a time dedicated to quiet the mind, be alone with thoughts, prayer, began writing out a schedule for the day, read encouraging material, stretch or record your thoughts. Do many of us practice?  For myself, I find difficulty in writing out my thoughts and struggle daily.  Though to practice on new skills takes time and energy. At times it takes a period of days, weeks or even months in some cases. To combat t

Elegance By Proxy

    Welcome to Elegance By Proxy,  I'm Belle.   If a card was received, it was given by proxy. 😁    As an older married woman, I speak on how to have and keep a diamond man, the elegance of following the good book, gentle etiquette tells and femininity. These are my honest thoughts and views, being married for over 30 years, looking outside my homemaker's window into the world.