Feminine Highlight: An 80/20 Wardrobe 💓

  In darkest closets and from inside stuffed hidden bureaus, seasonal clothing awaken from their sleepy slumber.  Comfort now located, they lounge with us while holding hot mug or sweating iced glass pooling on a funky coaster turning glossy pages of a magazine searching to make new ones. Like a lady, the seasons change slowly as she takes the time picking out and arranging her dress and accessories before her official appearance.   The 80% Tops & Bottoms Slacks, ivory tops and non white skirts. Sleeveless tops and spaghetti straps layered under long sleeve or blazers help when chilly mornings become unpredictable. Regions dictate weather:  Example: In an interview, when Tim Gunn, a fashion consultant in New York City remarked how c otton and Christmas don't mix, my brows furrowed and I wondered if he had ever lived outside his city for a season. One sample of this was a first winter living in Baton Rouge after many years of living in cold Tennessee. During that Decemb

11 Bucking Mask Ideas or How To Live In FEAR- (First Engaging Are Right)

  As one lives in an atmosphere of control, fear feeds itself through trauma while someone barks how it is not repressive, but in fact, healthy to wear a mask.  Eyes without a face. Oh yes, I can see daily breathing in bacteria and carbon dioxide all day. A muzzled modern day slave one achieves to become the local master above others.  First, lashing of the tongue is cracked like a whip in order to be heard while virtue signaling and calling out to others.  Then, poison is poured on damaged person while others stare on menacingly.  Finally, mocking smiles and licked lips proceed like buzzards encircling prey left to die.  Is this what is meant to be human? People enjoy being told what to do, especially if feminist feel it keeps them in a safe space. When several men tell scared feminist what to do, they follow without question. ...and I thought these strong, brave women didn't need a man. Fish and bike?  Why listen to one now? 😂 Enjoy your